Jing Liu, 刘静 - Professor

I am currently a Professor in National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I received Bachelor degree and Master degree from Shandong University, and Ph.D. degree from Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. My research interests include multimedia information mining, understanding, and retrieval. I has published over 200 journal and conference papers in these fields, and has widely published at highly ranked international journals, i.e., T-PAMI, T-IP, T-MM, T-CSVT, T-KDE, T-NNLS, and PR, and leading international conferences, i.e., ACM MM, WWW, CVPR, ACCV, AAAI, IJCAI, etc..

Phone: 010-8254507
Fax: 010- 82544594
Email: jliu@nlpr.ia.ac.cn
Address: Zhinenghua dasha Room 1302, No.95 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian Dist., Beijing, China. 100190

Research Area

  • Deep Learning for Object Classification, Detection and Segmentation
  • Image Captioning, Visual Question Answering
  • Web Image Analysis, Understanding, and Retrieval
  • Mobile Media Computing and Applications

  • News

  • 2018年京东AI Fashion-Challenge 获得时尚单品搜索赛道冠军
  • 2017年ICCV Places场景解析赛道 冠军
  • 2017年AI Challenger图像中文描述大赛 双周赛冠军
  • 2015年ImageCLEF大规模图像定位和标注大赛 亚军

  • Perspective Students & Interns

  • 招生方向:图像与视频处理(参考中科院自动化所2015年招生专业与导师招生方向)。
  • 招生要求:专业背景不限。但希望你对科研怀有强烈的兴趣,具有良好的数学基础、编程能力以及自主学习能力。
  • 研究方向:基于深度学习的目标分类、检测与分割,图像语义描述与视觉问答,网络图像分析、理解与检索等。
  • 由于招生数量有限,希望提前与我联系。
  • 另招收少量实习生:要求计算机相关专业的在读本科或研究生;要求有较强的编程能力,实习期半年以上。