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· NLPR 30 years
· Summer School on Pattern Recognition and Human Centered Robotics
· Iris Recognition at a Distance based on Automatic Acquisition and Robust Algorithm
· Personal Identification based on Palmprint Pattern
· 3D Face Data Preprocessing and Recognition
· Online Handwriting Recognition for Personal Identification
· Object Recognition based on Ordinal Measures
· ispectral Palm Images Acquisition and Identification
· Performance Evaluation of Biometrics Algorithms
· Call for Application - NLPR Overseas Visting Fellowship
   Research Directions
· Pattern Recognition
· Image Processing and Computer Vision
· Speech and Language Processing
· Biometrics
Research Groups  
Visual Information Processing Group
Biometric and Security Group
Speech and Language Information Processing Group
Pattern Recognition Theory and Method Group
Computational Medicine Group
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Research Achievements  
Iris Databases
Palmprint Databases
Gait Databases
Chinese Language Databases
Handwriting Databases
3D Face Databases
Action Databases
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