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Short Bio

I joined the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA) in Jan 2008, and has been an Associated Professor since Mar 2009. Before that, I was coding XBox 360 games for Silicon Knights Inc. of Canada from Aug 2005 to Nov 2007. I was awarded my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, in 2005, and my MSc in Applied Mathematics from Institute of Computational Mathematics and Sci/Eng Computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2000. Before starting my graduate study, I had worked for the Inspur Group (located in Jinan China), as well as a Hi-tech start-up (located in Harbin China).




Selected Publications



Transferring and Fitting Fixed-sized Garments onto Bodies

of Various Dimensions and Postures.

Liguo Jiang, Juntao Ye, Liming Sun, Jituo Li.

Computer Aided Design (accepted). 

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Modeling 3D Human Body with a Smart Vest.

Haocan Xu, Jituo Li, Guodong Lu, Haiji Deng, Dongliang Zhang, Juntao Ye.

Computer & Graphics (accepted). 










2019TVCGA Semi-Explicit Surface Tracking Mechanism for

Multi-Phase Immiscible Liquids.

Meng Yang, Juntao Ye, Frank Ding, Yubo Zhang, Dong-Ming Yan.

IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics (accepted). 

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Synthesizing cloth wrinkles by CNN-based geometry

image superresolution.

Lan Chen, Juntao Ye, Liguo Jiang, ChengchengMa, Zhanglin Cheng, Xiaopeng Zhang.

Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 29(3-4), 1810:1-11, 2018.






2018CGFField-Aligned Isotropic Surface Remeshing.

Xingyi Du, Xiaohan Liu, Dong-Ming Yan, Caigui Jiang, Juntao Ye, Hui Zhang.

Computer Graphics Forum (accepted. Available online).








2018CMAHigh-quality 2D mesh generation without obtuse and small angles.

Dawar Khan, Dong-Ming Yan, Yiqun Wang, Kaimo Hu, Juntao Ye, Xiaopeng Zhang.

Computers and Mathematics with Applications. 75(2), 582-595, 2018.






2018ActaMathA Geometric Flow Approach for Region Based Image Segmentation:

theoretical analysis.

Zhu-cui Jing, Juntao Ye, Guoliang Xu.

Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica, English Series. 34(1), 65-76, 2018.




2017PG_unifiedA Unified Cloth Untangling Framework through Discrete

Collision Detection.

Juntao Ye, Guanghui Ma, Liguo Jiang, Lan Chen, Jituo Li, Gang Xiong, Xiaopeng Zhang, Min Tang.

Computer Graphics Forum (Special Issue for Pacific Graphics), 36(7), 217-228, 2017.

(Pdf) (Supplementary)(Video 50M)






2016EG_shortMinimum Displacements for Cloth-obstacle Penetration Resolving.

Liming Sun, Timo R. Nyberg, Gang Xiong, Juntao Ye.

Eurographics, short paper, 53-56, 2016.






2016CGF_strainlimitAnisotropic Strain Limiting for Quadrilateral and Triangular

Cloth Meshes.

Guanghui Ma, Juntao Ye, Jituo Li, Xiaopeng Zhang.

Computer Graphics Forum, 35(1), 89-99, 2016.








2015BigMM_imgFast Discrete Intersection Detection for Cloth Penetration Resolution.

Juntao Ye, Timo R. Nyberg, Gang Xiong.

Workshop on Geometry and Graphics,

The First International Conference of Multimedia Big Data, 532-357, 2015.






2014ICVRVAnimation of Refitted 3D Garment Models for Reshaped Bodies.

Yifan Yan, Juntao Ye, Xiaoyang Zhu, Jituo Li. 

The Fourth International Conference on Virtual Reality and Visualization. 2014.








2012TIP_imgA Geometric Flow Approach for Region Based Image Segmentation.

Juntao Ye, Guoliang Xu.

IEEE Trans. Image Processing. 21(12), 4735-4745, 2012.





2012SCA_imgThe Intersection Contour Minimization Method for Untangling

Oriented Deformable Surfaces.

Juntao Ye, Jing Zhao.

ACM Siggraph/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation, 311-316, 2012.







2010ICMA_imgA Calibration Process for Tracking Upper Limb Motion with Inertial Sensors.

Hao Yang, Juntao Ye.  

IEEE Intl' Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, 2011, pp 618-623.

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2010CGI_imgAutomatic Skinning and Animation of Skeletal Models.

Jituo Li, Guodong Lu, Juntao Ye.

Visual Computer (Special Issue for Computer Graphics International), 27(6), 2011.

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2010CG_imgFitting 3D Garment Models onto Individual Human Models.

Jituo Li, Juntao Ye, Yangsheng Wang, Li Bai, Guodong Lu.

Computers and Graphics, 34(6): 742-755, 2010.





2009VC_imgA Reduced Unconstrained System for the Cloth Dynamics Solver.

Juntao Ye, Robert E. Webber, Yangsheng Wang.

Visual Computer, 25(10), 959-971, 2009.





2008PG_imgSimulating Inextensible Cloth Using Impulses.

Juntao Ye.

Computer Graphics Forum (Special Issue for Pacific Graphics), 27(7): 1901-1907, 2008.










Books (translation)



The Art of Fluid Animation

原著:Jos Stam

译者:叶军涛 杨旭波